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sECB urge's you to stay up to date. If you are a current ecig user you understand how important keeping this product from being banned is. Go to the "join sECB" link and sign up today. Before clicking away, take a minute and read the statement below.




State Law(s) and Ordinances

The below information is in reference to a bill that was proposed. It is dead for now but may appear again in the next year. We urge you to contact the following with your support to ecigs.

Fact, politicians are voted by the people. If you send an email it will go with a soft impact. When you call in it takes up the time of volunteers answering the phone lines, in turn they voice your opinions face to face with the politician making a real impact.

Sad to say all of the great letters written rarely get read, all that usually happens is a "For" or "Against" pile is created.

Calling all ecig users! Following the success of the campaign in Illinois to get the bill thrown out, the focus now moves on to the New York Senate Health Committee meeting on April 27th. It is vital that you support this action.

TWO BILLS proposed, please look at both links

Click LinkClick for NY Bill Status

Click LinkClick for NY SENATE Bill

Please call the following phone numbers TODAY!

Are you a busy person? It will go quicker than you think as you can just give your name and position about the bill and thank them for there time! Less than 10 minutes and you are done.

OPPOSE Bill A9529 and S7234

If you are an NY resident call your local representative for bill A9529 and call your Senator for bill S7234, if you do not know this information please click the following links

Click LinkREPRESENTATIVES click here

Click LinkSENATORS click here


The members listed below are sponsoring these bills. ALL USA CITIZENS SHOULD CALL THESE OFFICES TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS

Jeffery D. Klien (Senator)
(800) 718-2039
(718) 822-2049

Linda B. Rosenthal (Assembly Member)
(212) 873-6368


If you cannot call or would rather send an email please use this link to Vapers Coalition, which includes a ready made downloadable email to send, Just click and send. This will only take a minute of your time.


Please view this link for additional information and community status
ECF Electronic Cigarette Forum

Click LinkClick this link to Vapers Coalition




Original Information can be found at ECF Electronic Cigarette Forum posted by user - Yvilla
You can use the information below or go directly to the original Forum Psoting by clicking on the Link Below.

Post at ECF Electronic Cigarette Forum

URGENT - NYS Outright Sales Ban On the AGENDA Again

The New York State Assembly Health Committee has A01468 on its meeting agenda for this coming Tuesday, 1/25, at 12 noon. If the bill is favorably reported out of committee, it will then go to the full Assembly for a vote - where the identical bill passed unanimously last year! It did not become law only because the Senate version never got out of the Senate Health Committee last year.

Here is the bill memo and text: Bills

It is Section 2 (starting at line 37) that purports to ban all sales (unless and until approved by the FDA as a cessation product), while Section 1 only bans sales to minors, etc.

While we probably have a better chance of stopping this in the NYS Senate, we still need to try and stop it at the Assembly level.

And while I would normally be asking for snail mail, because that would seem to be more effective than emails, due to the shortness of notice for Tuesday, I am begging people to send either emails or better yet faxes, and even more importantly, to please find some time on Monday and/or Tuesday morning to make phone calls, if not to all of the committee members, then at least to the Chair and one or two others.

New addition: CASAA now has a letter up on our site, that everyone is invited to use as is, or modified as you wish. It can be faxed, and it can be emailed. Please find the link to download it here:

Here is the full list of Assembly Health Committee members, and at the bottom of it you will find both semicolon and comma delimited email lists for ease of use:

Assembly Health Committee

Chair: Richard N. Gottfried D (a cosponsor)
Albany Office
LOB 822
Albany, NY 12248
Fax: 518-455-5939

Jonathan L. Bing D
Albany Office
LOB 744
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-4629

Kevin A. Cahill D
Albany Office
LOB 713
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-5576

Robert Castelli R
Albany Office
LOB 820
Albany, NY 12248
f 518-455-5041

James D. Conte R
Albany Office
LOB 446
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-5553

Steven Cymbrowitz D (a cosponsor)
Albany Office
LOB 538
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-5738

Jeffrey Dinowitz D
Albany Office
LOB 824
Albany, NY 12248
f 518 455-4437

Sandy Galef D (a cosponsor)
Albany Office
LOB 641
Albany, NY 12248
f 518-455-5728

Aileen Gunther D
Albany Office
LOB 435
Albany, NY 12248
f 518-455-5239

Andrew Hevesi D
Albany Office
LOB 833
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-5173

Rhoda Jacobs D
Albany Office
LOB 736
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-3881

Charles D. Lavine D
Albany Office
LOB 441
Albany, NY 12248
Fax: 518-455-5467

William B. Magnarelli D
Albany Office
LOB 841
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-5498

Nettie Mayersohn D
Albany Office
LOB 746
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-5408

David G. McDonough R
Albany Office
LOB 443
Albany, NY 12248
FAX 518-455-5559

Joel M. Miller R
Albany Office
LOB 437
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-5729

Amy Paulin D
Albany Office
LOB 627
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-5409

Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes D
Albany Office
LOB 619
Albany, NY 12248
fax 518- 455-5471

Naomi Rivera D
Albany Office
LOB 652
Albany, NY 12248
f 518- 455-5596

Linda B. Rosenthal D (primary bill sponsor)
Albany Office
821 LOB
Albany, NY 12248
fax (518) 455-5015

Robin Schimminger D
Albany Office
LOB 847
Albany, NY 12248
fax (518) 455-4724

Lou Tobacco R (a cosponsor)
Albany Office
Room 722
Legislative Office Bldg.
Albany, NY 12248
fax (518) 455-4501

Darryl C. Towns D
Albany Office
LOB 424
ALBANY, NY 12248
fax (518) 455-5591

Semicolon delimited email list:

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Comma delimited email list

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


We discovered when calling today that the list of Health Committee members on the Assembly website has NOT been updated since the recent elections. There are four additional members to contact (and Castelli, at least, is no longer on the committee). The four new members to contact are:

Christopher S. Friend
Albany Office
Room 720
Legislative Office Bldg.
Albany, NY 12248
fax 607 348 1500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (office says no Albany fax, they get from local office via email)
[email protected]

Andy Goodell
Albany Office
LOB 547
Albany, NY 12248
fax 518 455 4328
[email protected]

Edward P. Ra
Albany Office
LOB 544
Albany, NY 12248
fax 518 455 4643
[email protected]

Andrew P. Raia
Albany Office
LOB 629
Albany, NY 12248
fax 518 455 5804
[email protected]


County Law(s) and Ordinances
Good News - Nothing has been reported, you are free to use an electronic cigarette (for now)

Municipalities Law(s) and Ordinances
Good News - Nothing has been reported, you are free to use an electronic cigarette (for now)




DO NOT CLICK AWAY Help Yourself by Helping Others

If you have made the change to ecigs you cannot imagine going back to tobacco cigarette's, this is why you need to take the time to help others in other states and in other countries. As smokers we have been the butt of restrictions and regulation in public and even in private, as we understand the harm of our habit we took it in stride but suffered for years. HOWEVER, with ecigs the story is different and we need to speak out. Please email when needed, sign petitions but most importantly take 5 minutes and call the government office that is planning to ban an ecig.


Every time a law, bill or ordinances against electronic cigarettes gets passed on any level of government it hurts you the ecig user as other states will follow suit. Ecig users are currently grateful to two recent events, a ruling on a legal ecig matter by a federal judge regarding the FDA (please see the FDA link on this site for more information) and the veto of the Governor in the State of California regarding an ecig ban in California. California has long lead the way in environmental bills / laws and a wide range of landmark bills / laws that other states soon adopted, this decision helped ecigs..


The rules are simple. If you get 100 emails in one day you skim the subjects and delete as necessary. If you get 100 phone calls the impact is much deeper. In a newer world of technology we go with the flow. On this matter you should also send an email but you must call.


Case in point. Illinois has long tried to pass a law that motorcyclists wear a helmet. Despite your personal opinion on this specific subject the bill has never passed for one reason. THE PEOPLE SPOKE OUT AND CALLED THIER REPRESENTATIVES. Pressure from the public does get results but you must apply this pressure either in person or by phone.

Please check out the "recent news: section to see how you can help.

Recent News Link



Information is knowledge - take a few minutes and review the info on the site as it was built for information


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