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This website is no longer being updated


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CASAA - The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association

Here you will find up to the minute updates on all ecig related laws and possible bans.

We also urge you to join this wonderful organization.



Click link below to go directly to CASAA















This website is no longer being updated


This website will be closing soon



Please visit

CASAA - The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association

Here you will find up to the minute updates on all ecig related laws and possible bans.

We also urge you to join this wonderful organization.



Click link below to go directly to CASAA















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Information on this site is routinely updated. For up to the minute updates we recommend
you visit a ecig forum. We have listed the following links below for your convenience.





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FDA Pushed To Define Scope Line Between Drug And Tobacco Products

March 31st 2011 - A key Democratic lawmaker and a stakeholder group are urging FDA to close loopholes in the Tobacco Control Act that enable exemptions for certain tobacco goods, with the agency saying it is still considering its options for some tobacco-derived products as it defines the line between tobacco and drug products. FDA, citing current limitations in the law, recently said it could not to regulate dissolvable tobacco lozenges from a tobacco company, a decision that drew the ire of an anti-tobacco group, while a tobacco policy expert contends that drug companies could seize on the agency's conclusion to market their smoking-cessation goods without certain warnings or claims.

As part of this debate on how to draw FDA's jurisdictional lines for tobacco, some lawmakers are pressing the agency to expand the ban on clove cigarettes to cigars, which are not explicitly covered under the law. The issue also plays into how FDA will balance the interests of the drug and tobacco industries........................

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Use of Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigs) not allowed on US flights?

Michael Felberbaum, AP Tobacco Writer, On Friday February 11, 2011, 10:35 am EST RICHMOND, Va. (AP)

Transportation Dept: Use of electronic cigarettes prohibited on commercial airline flights

The U.S. Department of Transportation says the use of smokeless electronic cigarettes on airplanes is prohibited and plans to issue an official ban this spring, according to a letter from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood obtained by The Associated Press. In the letter to Sen. Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, LaHood said the department has been informing airlines and the public that it interprets smoking regulations to include e-cigarettes. Lautenberg, who wrote the 1987 law that banned smoking on airplanes, had asked transportation officials to clarify the rule. E-cigarettes are plastic and metal devices that heat.................... Click link below for full article

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U.S. Court of Appeals again DENIES FDA
(U.S. Federal Drug Administration)

January 26th 2011 - The fledgling electronic-cigarette industry scored another victory against the Food and Drug Administration in federal court Monday, potentially setting the stage for the battery-powered devices to be regulated like conventional tobacco products.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected the FDA's request to have the entire court review a December decision by a three-judge panel that went against the agency. The FDA, which contends that the products should be regulated as drug devices, now has the option of........... see WSJ website, link below

E-Cigarette Industry Wins Federal Court Victory -




American Lung Association (ALA) looks to ban ecigs State by State
Has the ALA forgotten their core objectives? This explains the recent up rise of proposed electronic cigarette bans in each state.

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USA Vital Attention Needed Petition

Endorsed by CASAA, National Vapers Club, Midwest Vapers Group and Right to Vape

This is a real petition, with verified email signatures (you click a link in a confirmation email sent to your email address) and the petition will be delivered in hard copy to all of the listed organizations.

We MUST get at least 10,000 signatures before September 1st, when the federal court case of the ecig plaintiffs vs FDA is scheduled to start arguments before the appeals court in Washington DC.

The ecig community has been instrumental in stopping the recent proposed bans state by state, however the FEDERAL COURTS are a great concern as this could effect all ecig users on a national level.

We are also asking petitioners to print out the petition, sign it and mail it to the organizations, for more impact.

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DO NOT CLICK AWAY Help Yourself by Helping Others

If you have made the change to ecigs you cannot imagine going back to tobacco cigarette's, this is why you need to take the time to help others in other states and in other countries. As smokers we have been the butt of restrictions and regulation in public and even in private, as we understand the harm of our habit we took it in stride but suffered for years. HOWEVER, with ecigs the story is different and we need to speak out. Please email when needed, sign petitions but most importantly take 5 minutes and call the government office that is planning to ban an ecig.


Every time a law, bill or ordinances against electronic cigarettes gets passed on any level of government it hurts you the ecig user as other states will follow suit. Ecig users are currently grateful to two recent events, a ruling on a legal ecig matter by a federal judge regarding the FDA (please see the FDA link on this site for more information) and the veto of the Governor in the State of California regarding an ecig ban in California. California has long lead the way in environmental bills / laws and a wide range of landmark bills / laws that other states soon adopted, this decision helped ecigs..


The rules are simple. If you get 100 emails in one day you skim the subjects and delete as necessary. If you get 100 phone calls the impact is much deeper. In a newer world of technology we go with the flow. On this matter you should also send an email but you must call.


Case in point. Illinois has long tried to pass a law that motorcyclists wear a helmet. Despite your personal opinion on this specific subject the bill has never passed for one reason. THE PEOPLE SPOKE OUT AND CALLED THIER REPRESENTATIVES. Pressure from the public does get results but you must apply this pressure either in person or by phone.

Please check out the "recent news: section to see how you can help.

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